Putting right a poorly repaired Xperia Z3 at the Repair Lab.

Today we are required to put right a poorly repaired Xperia Z3, we start by identifying each fault.

  • Speaker crackling due to incorrect removal and damage to audio normalization IC
  • LCD Back-light bleed due to poor quality seal and wrong adhesive used as sealant
  • Poor quality quality control on repica LCD ( light patches and stains to inner LCD )
  • Light patch on camera lens, not fixable without swapdping out the camera.
  • Scratches to back cover and some components missing.

Customer complains about light bleeding from the sides of the screen on a Sony Xperia Z3, this is present as the glass is not fully flush against the frame. The wrong adhesive has also been used. On of the stand out features of this device are its water-poof seal, the solution to maintaining resilience to water ingress is to use the correct adhesive.

We will not be able to reuse the existing frame as the previous repairer has used super glue to carry out corrective work, we can try dissolving the super glue using acetone but from experience its never really possible to completely clean it off. You can make out the blobs of super glue from the second picture below.

Our solution is to change the entire frame with screen already attached. The part we will be using will be using is 100% genuine and can be purchased from here

Customer also complains about the inability to swipe down from the top of the screen, these types of problems are fairly common in poorly manufactured replica or refurbished screens from china, image three shows the LCD after it has been removed from the frame, its origin is stamped on the cable, none of these markings are present on a genuine Sony display panel.

Inside we also see some parts missing, the metal grounding clip is missing, this may not seem very important but we disagree, Sony have very deliberately included this seemingly inconsequential piece to prevent the digitiser/speaker/lcd contacts from working their way loose. Unfortunately this part is not available so we will be relying on a substitute.

Customer also complains about a rattling/vibration from the ear piece speaker, damaging the top speaker is the most common mistake rookies make with this phone, the speaker should be held in place using acrylic foam take to prevent resonance, the previous repairer no doubt use excessive force when removing the speaker, speakers are very delicate components, incorrect removal leads to permanent damage to the tiny magnet and diaphragm used to produce audio.

Our solution is to replace the whole speaker using this part,https://www.replacebase.co.uk/sony-xperia-z3-replacement-e…/.

Customer complains about a two inch gash present on the back of the phone glass panel, repair technicians tend to have cluttered desks with many sharp implements present, it is for this reason exposed glass panels should be protected by being placed in a safe place while the device is being worked on, (image 7). We would like to give the phone back to the customer looking brand new so our only solution is to replace the back panel, https://www.replacebase.co.uk/sony-xperia-z3-battery-cover…/. Total parts cost £119.

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