Repair Lab Terms and Conditions - up to date as of 3/22/2017

Terms Of Service

1.1 We shall make all reasonable efforts to repair your device, subject to availability of any parts required and/or the terms of any relevant guarantee or warranty. We shall perform the service using the best parts available for the job and conducting the repair with the greatest care and skill.

1.2 We shall notify you when the Device has been repaired and is available for collection.

If you do not collection the device within 14 days , we may dispose od the Device. Any sum obtained on disposal will be used to meet any unpaid estimate or repair charges.

1.3 Any time estimate for completion of the service, which may be given to you, is an estimate only and does not form any obligation under the terms of this agreement.

1.4 If we are unable to complete the service for any reason, or the service will incur further costs payable by you, we will notify you immediately by telephone and/or email.

1.5 The cost of repair will be calculated where possible in accordance with our standard charges as published from time to time. Any quote given for ordering special parts in for a device is valid for that day only and prices are likely to fluctuate.

1.6 We may keep your Device until all charges payable have been paid. We may also charge an addtional fee for storage of your Device.

1.7 We do not take responsiblity for any progression in damage for devices that have been damages by liquid. Although unlikely, opening the device could set off further damage and in some cases may be very serious and irreparable.