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Introducing the Fastest S7 and S7 Edge Shattered Display Repair In Leeds

We provide an almost instant screen replacement service for S7 and S7 Edge models. These are premium handsets – cheap or hastily installed screen repairs just won’t cut it. The handsets are now also water proof so any incorrect reassembly will risk your device to liquid ingress. We use only Samsung certified service centre parts allowing your handset to function as intended without compromising the water-tightness of your Samsung Galaxy S7.

While our service emphasises speed this does not mean we have to compromise on quality of repair, for the S7 Edge we only need to transfer your motherboard, camera, battery and charging dock to the new frame. All other components are brand new so regardless of how badly damaged your S7 it will revert to looking exactly as it did when purchased.

We will not break your rear cover in accessing the mainboard, and we certainly will remove your battery without causing it to bend or puncture during the transfer process. These are routine procedures for our technicians and your device could not be in better hands.

Screen Replacement S7 Edge £300
S7 Regular LCD/Screen£180
7 edge back

*after uploading content such as this we regularly have snippets of text stolen from our website, while we find cases of “monkey see monkey do” laughable but we still need to warn you – if you read similar wording elsewhere please do not associate the Horsforth shop with us, you only need to call us on the phone to determine who the originator of this content is. You should always thoroughly quiz any repair company claiming to be “experts” as there is genuine potential for very real harm being done to your device.*