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Samsung Galaxy S6 Repair

If your Samsung S6 or Edge has a broken screen and you’re looking for a quick repair then we might be the place you’re looking for. We do not require advanced notice or an appointment, the screen replacement procedure takes roughly a maximum of two hours. The screen we use is a genuine LCD from the Samsung service centre. It is identical to the touch screen fitted at factory. We offer a full 12 months warranty with any parts fitted including charging dock and for our S6 Battery replacement service.

We have never offered refurbished screens or replica screen replacements for the newest generation of Samsung handsets, including S5, S6 and the S6 Edge model. It is possible to isolate the glass portion and replace this individually, when we were offering the repair in this way we were achieving such unsatisfactory results we decided to discontinue utilising this method shortly after launching it.

The particular contentious issue was the possibility of the glass working its way loosing over time, particularly on the Edge model. Samsung manufacture these screen in perfect laboratory conditions, it is not possible to replicate this environment without investing 10’s of millions of pounds, so we prefer to restrict the screen replacement to the official Samsung boxed parts only.

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Broken Your Galaxy S6 Edge Display?

We Offer A One of A Kind Samsung Glass Repair

The Second issue we were encountering with the glass only repair was a UV glue that would eventually become discoloured and spoil the displays visibility, which I’m sure you’ll agree is completely unacceptable on a high end handset like the S6. Your Samsung is in very capable hands at our Lab. See prices below for most of the common repairs we offer for both of the S6 series – if your problem is not listed please get in touch via email or alternatively you can call us during working hours for an instant assessment and price.

Please note all prices are correct at the time of writing – 10/05/2016 – these prices are subject to change at any time, please call in advance to confirm stock and pricing.

Samsung S6 & S6 Edge Prices

Screen Replacement£200
Charging Dock£80
Power Button£70
Water Damage£CALL

Please note - Our prices may be higher than quoted elsewhere we feel we are justified with these prices given the parts we use and the overall higher level or service you will receive - you only need to call us on the phone to get an appreciation for just how different we are to other providers.