We introduce a touch of class,
an element of flair - flawlessly executed repairs for all LG, Sony Xperia, Samsung, Huawei and Nexus.

We can facilitate repairs to all Huawei models including the P9.

Looking to repair
your Samsung Galaxy?

Our technicians have worked on every device imaginable, including popular devices like Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge. Having dissected such a wide variety of devices combined with years of raw experience we are uniquely qualified to put right all types of damage. Including water damage and warped enclosures.

We keep all Samsung parts in stock, these are obtained directly from the service centre ensuring that not only your device be repaired quickly but also perfectly.

Broken LCD?
It's not always uneconomical.

There are many competing solutions for screen repairs, you may even get the impression that a screen change on a modern smart phone is a routine and easily accomplished task – we completely disagree. A hastily installed digitiser/screen can introduce countless other potential faults. We will outline just a few here to give you a general idea of what can go wrong and what to look out for.

A cut above the rest - looking for the perfect repair?

Often the wrong type of adhesive is used to seal a device; often it is not possible to determine the quality of the seal, prolonged use combined with the elements will see a poorly installed screen come loose in the space of weeks. Some this is due to blatantly bad parts being fitted, it surprises us just how bad some of the parts some shops use to fit really are. While greed is the usual explanation sometimes this can also be due to incompetence. This is why we recommend you always quiz any potential repairer. Our technicians love to explain exactly how we are the superior choice.

Another Pitfall is excessive force being used to dismantle your device, internal components are very delicate, speakers can be damaged with the slightest of exertion, flex cables can be torn and circuit boards can even be completely blown if the battery is not disconnected first. Opening any electronic device is fraught with potential dangers. It’s important you select a repairer that is cognizant of the chance for accidental catastrophic damage and take steps to reduce the risk to near zero.

If you call us on our shop landline we are confident we can gain your trust and we look forward to seeing you at our Repair Lab.

We can replace
Replace cracked screens on all Sony Handsets, including Z3 and Z5, Compact and Regular.

All Xperia handsets can be repairs virtually while you wait as we keep all screen and parts in stock.

Peerless Approach To All Glass Installations

What makes us unique is a genuine determination to ensure your device is repaired properly the first time. You may have read similar paragraph’s elsewhere, chances are this content has been taken from our website and edited, we are happy to discuss with you over the phone with minute detail about any repair we offer. Those that copy our work will not be able to back up what they steal from our website because they are not us.