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iPhone SE Repair

Our technicians were pleased to learn that Apple have decided to give the legendary iPhone 5S a new lease of life. The exterior is largely unchanged with the majority of improvements made to the internals. The diminutive device now boasts an improved camera of 12 Mega Pixels and the same processor from the iPhone 6S the A9. This is good news as most damage occurring to iPhones is usually exterior in nature. The screen is actually compatible with the existing iPhone 5S.

We do not charge you a premium just because you happen to be in possession of the latest and greatest from Apple. Our screen repair price remains unchanged, it can also be carried out in exactly the same timescale, 15 minutes is our average screen repair turnaround time.

The screen we use contains the retina display – this means you will not notice any degradation in pixel density or sharpness/clarity of the image. The image display brightness/contrast will be exactly as your eyes were already accustomed to. We are so confident in our parts quality we give you an extended 12 Months warranty for peace of mind.

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Looking For A Quality iPhone Se Repair in Leeds ?

iPhone SE - new repair service launched

What Separates Us From The Competition.

Our expertise extends far beyond your simple run of mill screen change, we are able to minutely dissect and reassemble every inch of this device, thanks in part due to the internals being mostly the same as the previous generation. Whether its low mic volume, charging issues, bent or contorted housings and misbehaving batteries we have you covered.

One of the most common problems we experience when conducting a screen change is the potential for there to be a bend in the housing, this is a problem that separated a skilled repair technician from one that is unqualified. Our solution involves utilising a custom made vice; we specifically crafted this tool to aid in the housing repair procedure. The primary motivation for creating this tool was the unsatisfactory results we were achieving using traditional reshaping solutions which were leaving indentations and pock marks in the frame. The iPhone is a beautiful device; it would be a shame to spoil it with blemishes during the repair process.

iPhone SE ( Special Edition) 2016

Screen Replacement£70
Charging Dock£45
Power Button£70
Water Damage£CALL

All screen repairs including our one of a kind screen chemical treating, we use a unique solution that will prevent the screen from easily scratching due to abrasions. We include this treating and polishing as a free service. As a company that takes pride in its services we will never allow a device to leave our store unless we are completely satisfied with the repair process. Our reputation for excellence is always a factor with each and every interaction with our customer.

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