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If you’ve recently purchased a shiny new iPhone X and find yourself in the unenviable position of dropping and breaking it we can have you back up within a matter of minutes. No need to queue in the Apple store, kept on hold for hours on the phone listing to annoying jingles or pay the ridiculously high price of service from Apple, we can swap out your screen in a matter minutes.

Repairs we currently offer that are not available at Apple are Data Recover, Water Damage, and Housing Reshaping.

1/17/2018 – prices currently are what we would describe as ‘high’ although we do expect the prices to reduce in line with volume and as the cost of manufacturing an AMOLED screen falls. This tendency to fluctuate is the reason we have not printed the prices on our website at present.

Other repairs besides the screen include the glass back replacement, ear piece and main speaker. While we can repair or replace practically every individual component its always best to call us for current pricing.

What we do

Minimal Downtime

Average repair time currently is only 10 minutes, while we always keep all parts in stock it’s always a good idea to call us in advance to confirm. With the iPhone X we strongly recommend you only entrust even the most basic of repairs to a trained professional. IPhones are no longer easy to work on and a device of worth deserves only the best parts and professional approach to a screen installation.

Trusted Trader

The iPhone X’s design is fairly alien to the well-trodden Apple design of Aluminium clam shell and detachable screen assembly. There is now the added extra barrier to initial entry in the form of water proof sealing and other none-perishable gaskets will have to be replaced to ensure resilience to water ingress. As a Trusted Trader look no further.

Quality Workmanship

A beautiful and high end device deserves the best quality parts and workmanship and we aim to facilitate this every time. A full 12 months warranty is included with all repairs, excluding water damage repairs. Our veteran technicians are always on hand to repair your device perfectly the first time, the same technicians have been at our store since launch.

iPhone X Repair Leeds

Apple have set the gaunlet and we have dutifully responded with the best in class repair service

The internals have also been further compacted to make way for a larger battery leaving no margin for mistakes or any other potential mishap that tend to be the sole preserve of unskilled technicians. You will be delighted to learn that as a Which? Trusted Trader that chances of anything like this happening in our store are slim to none.

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Centerally Located in Kirkstall near Horsforth

Our store is conveniently located near a bust intersection close to the heart of Leeds. The shop which is specifically located at the Kirkstall lights and within walking distance of the train station, the shop signage is large and visible enough that you will easily to be to distinguish our store from as far as the Kirkstall Leisure Centre.