Introducing the only iPhone 7 screen replacement service you will ever need. Refined and evolved over a time continuum spanning the epoch of Steve Jobs unveiling of the original iPhone right up the precision chiselled Red iPhone 7. Those glistening red hued micro particles will suffer no disturbance during the screen replacement process as our aim as always is to return your handset to you with a factory fresh lustre.

One of the more common repairs we offer besides the screen replacement is the battery replacement. With apple constantly striving to fit more dense components in an increasingly smaller space the iPhone battery does a remarkable job with charge holding ability for a component with such a small surface area. There are many cheaper alternatives for replacing the iPhone battery but we find none of them are up to scratch compared to the Apple Original which is the battery we always fit.

When you first lay eyes on your repaired iPhone 7 our aim is to ensure the light emitting from the screen oscillate the cornea of your eye with only the pleasurable wavelengths. Keeping a regular and happy customer is our top priority and we do this with a blend of sophistication in our repair methods that are distinct from those that try to imitate our business.

Screen Replacement£89
Charging Dock£70
iPhone 7 Plus LCD£119
Water Damage£CALL