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iPhone 6S Repair

The iPhone 6s is more evolutionary than revolutionary. Apple was publicly humiliated with what was known as Bend gate, 6S’s predecessor used a particular kind of metal which was very prone to bending. This has been changed substantially with the aluminium frame on the receiving end of a major strengthening – it is now constructed with 7000-series aluminium making the frame much less likely to bend should you drop it.

The screen integrity has also achieved a major overhaul – the display has now been “ion-strengthened” while this has improved the glass’s susceptibility to breakages when dropped it has not made it impervious to fractures. We are still required to do a large quantity of 6s screen repairs on a daily basis.

In order to speed up the repair turn around, we have begun pre-assembling the display as such we are now able to offer a while you wait repair. We are famous in the repair industry for our quality assurance; all parts are checked and rechecked prior to installation. Our return rate is so miniscule you are virtually guaranteed a high quality and lasting screen repair for your iPhone 6s.

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What Separates Us From The Competition.

We will expertly transfer over your proximity sensor, ear piece speaker and metal shield plate to the new screen in only a matter of minutes. While we usually keep parts in stock it might be worth giving us a call prior to turning up at the store so we can confirm a while you wait screen replacement.

Rest assured the screens we use are the highest quality available, you will not notice any colour replication or contrast differences, the screen will look exactly as your eyes were accustomed to seeing. We are confident you will be happy with the results we can achieve.

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6S Glass only £80
6S LCD/Digitiser£95
Charging Dock£35
Power Button£60
Water DamageFrom £50

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