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iPad Mini Service

We are able to salvage any iPad Mini regardless of damage. From simple screen repairs to heavily water damaged iPads, our elite team of technicians will almost certainly revive your device. We also back up each and every repair with a full 12 month warranty.

All variants of the iPad Mini are relatively unforgiving in comparison to Apple's other iPads: they are considerably thinner and more prone to suffering internal damage when being worked on. If your device's safety and the reliability of the repair are important to you, then we would advise being cautious when selecting your repairer.

Our business was built around an ethos of never rushing repairs, and doing things as perfectly and precisely as humanly possible.

Some of the components we can replace are listed below.

  • Front Digitiser Glass
  • Battery LI-ION
  • Home button
  • Volume Keys and Power Button
  • Lightning and charging Dock connector
  • Water damage
  • Display LCD
  • Rear housing cover
  • Colour Conversion (coming soon)
  • 3g Module / Wifi Antenna
  • Headphone Jack and connector

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