A Flawless Glass Repair Methodology

If you’ve broken your iPad Air screen we offer a service expertly tailored restoring your iPad to factory condition. To use our service we never require an appointment, you are free to turn up at any time and one of our technicians will guide you through the simple procedure.

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Custom Tailored Solution

We realise each iPad is broken differently; some will come in with warped frames, broken inner screens or additional damage to the home button. Each repair requires a different tailored solution; our technicians have seen every type of damage over the years and can be counted on to expend every effort to service your iPad as perfectly as possible.

Cutting corners with the repair process can be very tempting as the signs of poor quality workmanship can be difficult to detect for those unfamiliar with intricacies of repairing Apple tablets. Our perfectionist approach focuses on the minutia often overlooked elsewhere, we take the extra time to completely remove the old adhesive - this is time consuming but is necessary to ensure a solid bond to the frame.

Attention To Detail Separates us from The Competition

We are very careful to remove all glass shards that may have dispersed amongst the internals of your iPad, we do this by shining a black ultraviolet light to pinpoint their exact location – isolating and extracting them with custom made utensils constructed specifically for the job.

Our aim as always is to fix your iPad with no obvious signs of repair work having been carried out. “I can’t even tell that it has been repaired” is a regular response from our customers.