So Capable

Broken glass? We can lead your iPad to salvation.

The Air is among one of the most coveted tablets and when it breaks you can almost sense the tablet G-ds shedding a tear. If those sentient beings were to dispatch a guardian angel then Repair Lab would be among the chosen few to carry out an ‘Atonement’.

We excel at rectifying all types of damage.

iPad circuit board.

Our Lab technicians are able to change more than just the top layer of glass. We can also replace the Li-ION battery, the charging dock and stuck/bent volume keys. Even if your problem is not listed it's very likely we will still have you covered.

iPad Liquid spillage

Its like kryptonite to electronics

Our Lab is kitted out with an industrial-grade Ultra Sonic cleaner, allowing us to remove dirt, liquid, and other contaminants that may be interfering with the correct functioning of your iPad. Even if your iPad is displaying no noticeable signs of life, chances are we can restore it to full working order.

Our passion for
perfection is reflected in our work.

After conducting thousands of Digitiser and LCD installations, our technicians have become highly experienced and possess an intuition for carrying out restorative procedures on your iPad with an attention to detail few in the industry can rival.

Two amazing cameras
Screen Replacement£250
Charging Dock£90
Power Button£90