Repair Lab Horsforth Leeds

If you live near the Headingley LS6 Area Were not too far away

Our Shop is only 2 miles from Horsforth New Road Side

You may be wondering “what?! Another repair centre in Horsforth? “ but please let us explain, while its true this tiny village is oversaturated in terms of tech repair offerings – we believe we have the superior solution. Like a shining light cutting through the darkness - sanctuary is only 2 miles away.

So when we say same day repair we mean exactly that, when we say screen repair within five minutes we mean exactly that. Often times we can repair the device right in front of you or while you watch.

Culminating after years of painstaking evolution combined with having shed copious amounts of blood sweat and tears our repair store is at the pinnacle of Apple device restoration. Let us impress you with blinding speed and laser targeted fault resolution. Weather your device has a faulty battery, broken screen on something more serious like a logic board fault we repair them all.

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Poor Quality Repairs

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Home Button Damage

Damage to home bottom flex cable resulting in the loss of the fingerprint reader which will result in the inability to use apps like ApplePay or any app that depends on the accurate reading of finger print data.

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Ear Speaker / Flex Damage

Incorrect reassembly of the ear piece /speaker flex cable resulting in the loss of proximity sensor function or reduction in speaker volume.

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Sticky Home Button

Incorrect transfer of the home button to the new LCD resulting in stiff home button action or less travel when depressed.

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Misc Damage

Missing screws compromising the structural integrity of the bezel and frame or incorrect use of screws resulting in over torquing and subsequent damage resulting from over tightening.

Many of these problems have no immediate detrimental effect and may take months to manifest. It’s for this reason your choice in repair company is decisive in maintaining longevity of your device.