Desktop PC and Laptop Repairs in Leeds

We offer a same day service for the majority of Laptops including MacBook and Apple iMac. Our Main offerings are SSD drive upgrades, graphics chip re-balling, system upgrades and tune up. We can completely transform the performance of any laptop with a combination of software modification and hardware upgrades. For a tailored and bespoke solution for your specific needs see us in store for advice and a complete breakdown of what we can offer you. Our Engineers have been in the game for many years and can handle any type of damage or corrective work. Some of the brands we offer a repair solution for are HP, Apple, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo and ASUS. See below for prices. These are rough ball park figures and it is possible prices may vary after we have inspected your system.

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Whatever the problem with your laptop, we will devise a solution that should get you back up and running with minimal downtime.

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Software Problems

We resolve all software related problems with any brand of laptop, this includes installing and configuring Windows or Virus removal.

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Virus Removal

We are experts at detecting all issues related to computer security, we will be able to tell you with pinpoint accuracy each and every loop hole that may allow a malicious attacker from compromising your system. We can also help you with firewall configuration, whatever your security rerquirements we will be able to help you.

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Laptops are usually limited it their ability to be upgraded. We can still do certain types of upgrades such as RAM and Hard Drive / SSD Upgrades. These improvements should have even an old laptop running comparably to current system. Try us you will not be dissapointed.

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We can also individually fine tune your exxisting configuration to yyour specifics needs. Regardless of wether you are a power user or use your laptop sparringly.

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Same Day Service

As with computer repairs we can usually turn around most laptops the very same day.

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PCrush has been offering same day laptop repairs from Kirkstall for the past 10 years. If in doubt about our reputation just ask any in the local area and they will have nothing put praise to heap upon us.

PCRush was aquired by Repair Lab Leeds Ltd and has now been fully merged. All repairs are now conducted from 12 Commercial Road Leeds LS5 3AQ

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.